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Lazuli Training is a division of Lazuli Communications (Pty) Ltd   Delegate Cancellations: Only cancellation made in writing will be recognised by Lazuli  Training. Notice of cancellations  received from  10 to 5 days before the training event are liable for 50% of the training course cost.   Cancellations made from 4 days to the day of the event are liable for the full cost of the course. Delegate substitutions are accepted.   If for any reason Lazuli Training decide to change the date of  this training course, we will inform booked and paid for delegates as soon as that decision has had to be taken. Lazuli Training reserves the right to transfer this booking to another  course to be held in the ensuing six months, or to provide a credit of an equivalent amount to another workshop in the same sector within the following six months.                 INDEMNITY: Should for any reason outside the control of Lazuli Training, the venue or trainers change, or the event be cancelled due to act of any terrorism or unsafe industrial action in the vicinity, or extreme weather conditions, Lazuli Training shall endeavor  to reschedule but the client hereby indemnifies and holds Lazuli Training harmless from any costs, damages, and expenses including attorney fees, which are incurred by the client.

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